It is NOT a typo…we spelled brick with an IQ on purpose!

A brick is foundational, used in every aspect of Real Estate. Our manifesto is elevating the foundational brick with intelligent technology (IQ), hence Briq was born.

Providing Marketing and Technology Solutions for the Real Estate Industry


You are a Real Estate Developer with a portfolio and successful track record; now you are ready to submit your offering plan to AG, waiting to break ground, but wait- Start Early!

We measure behavioral data to assure your architectural designs offer what buyers are looking for, badass branding, websites & lead generation that will have you & your brokers high -high on ROI with low CPL, achieving your sellout goals.


You have a Residential or Commercial Brokerage and are looking for growth hacks to scale, incentivize agents, & gain a competitive edge.

Our process is down to a science – not all firms can afford Software & App development – we get it, we have tools you can plug in to start recapturing lost leads and increase sales 15-20%.


Yes, you’ve been around the last 3 generations- congrats! Now it’s time to integrate tenant friendly tech, badass branding and a website that’ll keep your vacancy low with increased Bookings.

From FREE payment processing software to smart locks- see what recommendations we have for you with a requested complimentary audit.


Your startup is in PropTech or Fintech- disruptive and solving real time Real Estate problems. Don’t get lost in the sea of ever emerging real estate technology- from blockchain, smart homes and contracts, ai, and yes, even cryptocurrency – we want to see you integrated.

Everyday we test, play and integrate companies like yours with our clients, so it might as well be yours.

Our experienced team provide solutions based on our experience as Licensed Real Estate Brokers, Software Engineers, Developers and Digital Marketers. We get Real Estate!

Our Work

The list below includes some of our most recent work with clients ranging from Startups, New Developments, Developers and their respective Brokerages.

Build off the Past, Learn from the Present and Develop for the Future