Future Retail + Art + Tech in Las Vegas

Immersive Entertainment Technology that will make Retail in 2020 Fun Again! Get ready to be transported into the world where technology disrupts the shopping center asset class. Area15, led by the CEO Winston Fisher, creates a new category of experiential retail- providing futuristic, yet here and now, ways for family and friends to enjoy collective entertainment. Delve into the brilliant mind of Winston Fisher as he exercises his creative muscles and contributes extreme ambition to the project. Fisher is the lead developer for AREA15, the venture is a culmination of his career experience, passion and self-driven interests.

Creative partner is Michael Beneville, of Beneville Studios. 


Meow Wolf, Nomadic, Emporium, Oddwood and Dueling Axes Shogyo Mujo by Bart Kresa Studio  Mechan 9 by Tyler FuQua   Creations The Sanctuary by Elora Hardy of Ibuku Pulse Portal by Davis McCarty Disco Ball by Ivan McLean El Scorcho by Ivan McLean In Every Lifetime I will Find You, Michael Benisty 

Watch the  YouTube Video | www.Area15.com | @Area15Official 

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