Robots, Real Estate Agents & Future Tech

Will Robots get rid of Real Estate Agents? Listen for tips and tech tools to survive and thrive as a Realtor

From 1985 we rapidly shifted from car phones, to flip phones, to the world wide web…and now we have TikTok- like OMG! If Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of Blackstone, is investing in Ai…you, as a smart agent, should know what the REAL DEAL behind technology is, and what it can/will or won’t do to your job and the Real Estate industry.  Staying updated, keeps you winning!  I know you are a smart agent doing your best to crush your competition, please your clients/developers and stay on top of the latest technology. Guess what? I work in #PropTech helping Technology disrupt the Real Estate Industry…and I’m here to let you in on a secret.  Tech will NOT replace agents, but it will reduce the quantity. 

THEMATIC OUTLINE: Introduction for Brokers – is technology helping or hurting? Firstly, how you can stay relevant & stand out  Secondly, recommended technology to utilize Final Message to NOT becoming obsolete  
LINKS FROM THE EPISODE:  Here is the link to a list of all automated software for paperless sales pipeline and digital streamlined real estate transactions and closings  Check out if you want to increased your leads and deals by 47% 
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CREDIT: Watch the Gary Vee Interview with Stephen Schwarzman on YouTube here  
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