Futuristic Tech used in China to contain covid-19

Futuristic technology has fascinated us all, but while we anticipated them being used during wartime, it is not coming out of the gates as the front runner in containing the CoronaVirus. Mostly used in China, these technologies has been developed in China, Denmark, Germany and other tech forward countries.

Infrared imaging it being utilized to detect fever on the subway via biometric scanners, thermometer guns and on the street via Shenzhen MicroMultiCoper Drones that can detect fever and report the individuals to the police on the ground, who immediately quarantine this individual.  Other robots are more “hands on,” being placed in rooms with infected individuals to help communicated between the patient and the medical staff, and spray disinfectants, all whilst limiting the human-to-human in person interactions, thereby limiting exposure to the illness. 

UPDATE: someone send me this article which outlines how Ai is understanding the virus, and a few other Futuristic pieces of tech I did not mention in the podcast. It’s a fascinating read (and has graphics too) – VOX Article Link

Stay safe, and do your part by staying isolated! Technology has allowed us to feel connected even when we are not through the use of Video Chat and so much more. My blessings are with you and your family at this time.  

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